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If your merchandise requires repair, please contact an Authorized Repair Centers in the list below. The Authorized Repair Center will determine whether the product is under warranty and repairable. The Authorized Repair Center will take only the appropriate final decision between the following options:

§ A) The merchandise is repairable and covered under warranty The goods will be repaired at the expense of LUGGAGES EXPERT and will be returned.

§ B) The goods can not be repaired but still under warranty The Authorized Repair Center will contact us and we will send the same article to replace on condition of availability. Please note: The Authorized Repair Center is not entitled to request a replacement merchandise from a store. Only representatives of the Service After Sales of LUGGAGES EXPERT may authorize a replacement.

§ C) The goods are serviceable but not covered by warranty If it is determined that the merchandise is repairable but is no longer under warranty, you can choose to have it returned unrepaired, or to carry out repairs at your expense.

§ D) The goods are not repairable and not covered by warranty You can ask the Authorized Repair Center to send you the unrepaired goods or unusable.